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Iga Małobęcka-Szwast, Using Competitors’ Data – a Role for Competition Law? Some Thoughts on the Amazon Marketplace Case
Marta Sznajder, No Strings Attached? Zero-Price Practices on Social Media Markets under EU Abuse of Dominance Assessment
Tomasz Krzyżewski, Has the Turning Point Been Missed? Exclusivity Payments Granted by Dominant Undertakings in the Light of the Enforcement Priorities Guidance
Javier Guillen Carames, The (Ab)use of Soft Law in Shaping EU Competition Law: Undermining the Effectiveness of Leniency Programmes
Božena Bulum, Marija Pijaca, Željka Primorac, Competition Issues in the Croatian Seaport Sector Regarding the Provision of Nautical Tourism Services
Jacek Rodzinka, Tomasz Skica, Tadeusz Pomianek, Productivity and Competitiveness of the Agricultural Sector in Poland


Zofia M. Mazur, Elis a Luna Scim eca, How Much May an Unreasonable Delay Cost? TAR Lazio Annuls the Highest Sanction Ever Issued by the Italian Competition Authority
Rafał R. Wasilewski, Product Substitutability in Defining the Relevant Market And Expert Evidence: Comments on the Judgment of the Polish Supreme Court of 29 July 2020 (I NSK 8/19)
Filip Elżanowski, Can Coordination Between the Producer and the Distributor in the Process of Calculating Prices and Their Structure in the Tariff Process Be Regarded as Legally Prohibited, Having Regard to the Provisions of Sectorial Regulation and the Regulatory Practice? Case Comment to Decision of the President of UOKiK of 3 December 2020, DOK-5/2020


Yane Svietiev, Experimentalist Competition Law and the Regulation of Markets, Hart Publishing, 2020, 232 p. Presented by Marcin Mleczko


ASCOLA South East Europe Chapter webinars series, September–December 2020 Reported by Jasminka Pecotic Kaufman, Alexandr Svetlicinii
Implementation of the ECN+ Directive in Poland – towards a more effective application of EU competition law?Conference of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, Warsaw, 2 March 2021Reported by Monika Woźniak-Cichuta

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