Editorial foreword by Alexandr Svetlicinii & Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman



Ondrej Blažo, More Than a Decade of the Slovak Settlement Regime in Antitrust Matters: From European Inspirations to National Inventions

Mária T. Patakyová, Mária Patakyová, Inspections in Private Premises Under Slovak Competition Law: Did the Implementation of the ECN+ Directive Miss the Point?

Jan Polański, Selective Enforcement and Multi-Party Antitrust Infringements: How to Handle “Unilateral Agreements”?

Darija Ognjenović and Ana Krstić Vasiljević, Focus on Competition Law Enforcement in E-commerce Sector in Serbia

Avdylkader Mucaj and Isuf Zejna, The Role of the Judiciary in Effective Enforcement of Competition Law in New Jurisdictions: the Case of Kosovo


Maja Dobrić, Overview of New Soft-Law Materials Designed to Promote Competition Law Compliance in Serbia

Marek Rzotkiewicz, Between Scylla and Charybdis. Whatever a Member State Does, It May Expose Itself to Attacks From Both Sides. Lux Express Estonia AS


8th Competition Law and Policy Conference in Memory of Prof. Vedran Šoljan “Goals of Competition Law and the Changing World”, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25–27 May 2023, Reported by Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman

Webinar “Judicial Review of Competition Cases: The CEE and SEE Countries Perspectives”, 14 June 2023, Reported by Jurgita Malinauskaite


Articles in YARS 2008–2022

Entire volume YARS 16(27)


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